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Chabad of Virginia

Your donation supports our mission of inspiring the world to its best self, one mitzvah at a time. Every donation makes an impact. Join our community by making a gift today.

Impact Young Lives for the Better

JewishVCU is Richmond's ground zero for supporting Jewish students attending Virginia Commonwealth University.  Your gift provides Shabbat and Holiday meals, anti-BDS education and support, Jewish social network, and 24/7 on-call counseling, chicken soup, and home away from home.

Support an Inclusive Community

Friendship Circle serves more than 150 families in RVA, creating understanding, and reducing stigmas through building friendships. Become part of our new Giving Circle! We are looking for 20 new people @$36/month to help us build and maintain an inclusive community, one friendship at a time. Your direct support actually makes these smiles happen!
- Dr. Sarah Kranz-Ciment, Director

Success begins in Preschool

At Aleph Bet, Judaism is not just a subject. Woven into activities throughout the day is a vibrant Jewish component, which not only teaches the children about Shabbat, Jewish holidays and Jewish customs, but also instills a sense of belonging, pride and excitement in being part of the Jewish people.
- Nechomi Kranz, Director

Support Jewish Pride and Education throughout the Commonwealth

With unwavering faith in the inherent goodness of every human being, Chabad believes that through action, one mitzvah at a time, we will inspire the world to its best self.
Your year-end gift today, will help inspire more Adults, more College Students, and more Preschool Children, and create lasting Friendships for children with all abilities throughout the state.  Thank you!

- Rabbi Yossel and Nechomi Kranz, Directors