Welcome Back!

We missed you! Sure, we met in parking lots and on Zoom, masked, vaccinated, boosted, and socially distant, but it just wasn’t the same. Like family, Jews need to be together. To hug one another, to cry on a friend’s shoulder, to dance together and to wish each other l’Chaim!

But I have great news. The year 5783 in Hebrew stands for “It will surely be a year of great wonders!” Are you ready for a year of great wonders? Are you ready to be optimistic and excited again for what the future holds? Buckle up my friend, because 5783 is going to be awesome!

As Chabad Community Synagogue prepares to welcome guests again for the High Holidays, we want to reassure you that, as always, we remain open to all. Jewish and non-Jewish, affiliated and unaffiliated, religious or secular, member or not, you are welcome!

There are no tickets, no labels, no judging. Only great coffee, great people, Hebrew/English prayer books, and of course, great Rabbis :)

Additionally, this year you have options! Join us for an early morning outdoor service from 7:30 to 8:45am or choose one or all of the prayer blocks beginning at 9:00am!
See High Holiday Schedule for details. 

To accommodate added security measures, and to help us better prepare, please RSVP above.

Thank You!

Here for You.

These are trying times.  But You Are Not Alone!

Chabad is here for you.  Need somebody to talk to?  Call one of our Rabbis or Nechomi Kranz.
Struggling with a mental or physical disability?  Call Dr. Srah Kranz Ciment.  Not sure who to call or what to do?
Reach out to Ruth Greene below.  We're in this together!

Rabbi Yossel Kranz
Director, Chabad of Virginia

804.740.2000 ext. 3

Nechomi Kranz
Director, Aleph Bet Preschool

Dr. Sarah Kranz Ciment
Director, Friendship Circle

804.740.2000 ext. 4

Rabbi Shlomo Pereira
Director, Adult Education

804.740.2000 ext.7

Ruth Greene
Richmond Jewish Cemetery

804.740.2000 ext. 6