We're a colorful family at Chabad. Some of us are here for the Synagogue, others for the Preschool, Hebrew School, or Jewish learning. Some simply come for a cup of coffee and to hang out with friends in the nurturing environment.

Gan Israel

The perfect way to end your child’s school year… and the best way to start the new one.

Sterling Mikvah

Immerse yourself in purity. And in good taste.

Jewish Learning Institute

Sharpen your mind. Enlighten your soul. Join to leave no stone unturned in your search for meaning.

Friendship Circle

Everyone needs to feel special. Volunteer for those with special needs.

Chabad Community Shul

From Kaddish to Kiddish: Align with your Creator. Connect to your neighbor.

ALEPH BET Preschool

A brighter future for the Jewish People: One letter at a time.

Tag Hebrew School

The Hebrew School kids love! 

Chabad at VCU

Your Home Away from Home.