Your Legacy Matters

Please remember Chabad in your estate planning.

Since coming to Virginia in 1976, Chabad has pioneered a plethora of programming and projects that has raised Jewish pride, Jewish knowledge, and awareness of Jewish values throughout the Commonwealth. Operating on a grass roots level without any membership requirements, Chabad centers across the state are a welcome source of inspiration and information for Jew and non-Jew, affiliated and unaffiliated, and Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform alike.

Through core projects that include Chabad Community Synagogue, Aleph Bet Preschool, Tag Hebrew School, Chabad on Campus, Friendship Circle, Camp Gan Israel, and Jewish Learning Institute, Chabad of Virginia has fostered a renaissance of children and adults poised to be tomorrow’s Jewish leaders.

Our legacy donors are individuals just like you, who want to ensure that our children and future generations will share our Jewish values, and feel the same responsibility towards our community and the world that we do.

Create your Jewish legacy with Chabad’s Legacy Project today!

Mission Statement

Chabad of Virginia is a Jewish spiritual and social outreach organization. Molded by unwavering faith in the inherent goodness of every human being; the belief that love of G-d, love of Torah and love for your fellow man are one and the same; and that every good deed matters; Chabad seeks to engage, educate, and inspire all of humanity to be their best selves.

Legacy Partners

  • Stuart Siegel
  • David Peck
  • Shirley and Morty Brown
  • Marty Ross
  • Deane and Dan Dubansky
  • Emily Sterling
  • Mellisa and Andy Brownstein
  • Ruth and Brian Greene
  • Rabbi Yossel and Nechomi Kranz
  • Barbara and Michael Kiken
  • Rabbi Matisyahu and Chana Rivkah Friedman
  • Josh Peck

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