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Thank you for your reservation!

​While you don't have to be a member to participate at Chabad Community Synagogue, your donation is greatly appreciated and much needed! In addition to the sponsorship opportunities below, a suggested donation for High Holiday seats is $180 per person and includes both days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah.

The High Holidays are a propitious time for charity. More than any other mitzvah, giving to help others opens the channels of blessing for a Sweet New Year.

Providing a safe, inspiring, High Holiday experience to all who wish to participate, is an expensive endeavor. We greatly appreciate your extra tzedakah at this time!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help keep everyone safe during the holidays while we pray for health and happiness.
Total Cost: $1,200

Keep the guys' heads covered and their mind's focused.
Total Cost: $50

Prayer Shawls
All those beautiful prayer shawls you see? Sponsor one, or maybe even a few!
Total Cost: $54 each

Rosh Hashanah Cantor
Have the cantor pray directly on your behalf and contribute to the beautiful tunes.
Total Cost: $2,500

Yom Kippur Cantor
Have the cantor pray directly on your behalf on the most auspicious day of the year.
Total Cost: $2,500

Rosh Hashanah Kiddush
Nothing brings a community together like a good Kiddush! Participate in this great community builder. 
Two days available.  
Total Cost: $1,000 each day


Rosh Hashanah
Coffee Bar
Keep everyone caffeinated and energized throughout the service. Two days available.
Total Cost: $200 each day

Yom Kippur Break Fast
We've made it to the end, and it's time to eat. Sponsor the break fast for the entire community.
Total Cost: $1,000

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